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    Born from a love of everything which is ‘just that little bit different’ and most importantly, fun, Kuccia is the birthchild of Soraya Alia, AKA Soraya Kuccia.

    Bright, flamboyant and over-stated we are on a mission to provide our kucci-koos with the most amazing show stopping and jaw dropping creations on this planet!

    A note from Soraya….

    I started Kuccia in 2002 when I left school. Having grown up in the darkest depths of the Devonshire countryside, I was bored with the clothes which were available to me. I wanted sequins, I wanted sparkles, I wanted outfits which I was just unable to find!

    The internet wasn’t such a fighting force as it is now so we had to make do with what was available ;-)

    I decided to source a selection of sequined Indian fabric from London to design and make pieces that I wanted to wear myself. A few weeks later, armed with a wheelie suitcase and a selection of my finest creations, I rocked up outside Boots in Exeter high street and laid out my clothes on the pavement- ready for business. Obviously I got moved on by the police(!) but I did in fact sell some stuff! People liked it! 

    It did seem that my creations had some legs and I was eventually selling to friends, friends of friends and friends of friends of friends….you get the picture ;-)

    I spent that summer hitting up local beaches in my graffiti covered truck, opening up the doors and setting up shop! Things got a bit crazy and I was unable to meet supply. I was selling faster than I could make! After that summer, I decided to take a trip to India (all by my lonesome) to source fabric and production facilities.

    The rest as they say, is history ;-)

    The brand has evolved considerably from its hippie roots(!) and since has had me travelling all of over the world in search for THE PERFECT SEQUIN(!).

    I still personally make a lot of our products here in Devon, as well as manufacturing abroad.

    As a brand, we have been lucky enough to supply some major UK retailers such as Selfridges, Topshop and ASOS, as well as have some famous faces wear our products, such as Beyonce, Little Mix, Rita Ora, Paris Hilton and Cara Delevingne!

    I oversee all of the external production and ensure that our goods are 100% ethically produced and fairly traded.